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Medina Checkered Medium Market Basket

Medina Checkered Medium Market Basket

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Next time you’re in Morocco, blend into the bustling city of Marrakesh with our Medina Check Basket. Contrasting straw, handwoven, hand-dyed, and finished with hand-sewn leather detailing, suffice to say, a lot of loving hands are involved in the making of the hand-woven baskets. Ancient traditions are alive and well in Morocco.


- Handwoven by straw artisans
- Features hand-dyed and hand-sewn leather details
- Dark navy checkered pattern
- Bag: Made with 100% straw
- Handles: Wrapped with leather
- Spot clean
- Handmade with love in Morocco.

Size: 16.5" Width, 14" Height (including handles)

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