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Camden Dreamsicle Boatneck Sweater

Camden Dreamsicle Boatneck Sweater

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Stripey, soft and sporty, our Camden really should be out lobstering or having some fun finding shells on a rocky beach. Designed to be warm without being hot, the mid-weight knit is perfect for all seasons and replaces that sweatshirt for something more versatile for dressing up or down. Of course, a brightly colored stripe completes any sailor vibe, so whether you are East Coast, West Coast or like us—no coast at all—this sweater feels right at home.


- A medium-weight stripe knit sweater perfect for all occasions
- Boatneck neckline
- Made with 70% acrylic and 30% viscose
- Gentle wash and tumble dry on low
- Made in Ecuador.

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