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Got It All Together Needlepoint Pillow

Got It All Together Needlepoint Pillow

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Introducing the Got It All Together Needlepoint Pillow, because sometimes we just need a reminder that nobody has it all figured out!

This charming-meets-chic needlepoint pillow is handcrafted with precision, featuring a relatable sentiment that's bound to resonate with everyone. Crafted from 100% wool and backed with luxurious plum velvet, it's as stylish as it is comforting.

Measuring 9" x 15", this pillow may be small, but it makes a big statement in any room. Each stitch is meticulously done by hand, taking approximately 20 hours to create, ensuring a unique and special accessory for your home.

Whether as a thoughtful gift or a delightful addition to your own decor, this needlepoint pillow is guaranteed to bring joy and laughter to any space.

  • Dimensions: 9" x 15"
  • Front: 100% Wool
  • Back: 100% Cotton Velvet
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