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Black with Pink Heart Small Knit Bag

Black with Pink Heart Small Knit Bag

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Let me introduce you to the beloved Small Knit Bags! While on a trip to London in 2023, we met the creator of these bags and instantly feel in love! After several months, we were able to bring them to you at The Tailored Goose! There a mix of patterns, but the one shown here is the Black with Pink Heart. 

These bags can we worn various ways and have various uses! My favorite way to wear them is the wristlet style (show here) where the two straps are crossed to make a closure for the bag. The Small Knit Bag is perfect for carrying all of your essentials. One of our favorite parts about these bags is that you can wash and dry them!

Various uses: an everyday or occasional purse, a reusable bag, a gift bag that a part of the gift, etc. - the options are truly endless!

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